Post Purchase Consumer Regret-A Qualitative Study in case of Online Purchases of White Goods, Brown Goods and Consumer Electronics

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Anannya Boruah, Sinmoy Goswami


Post purchase consumer regret is a negative emotion that arises within a consumer out of evaluation between factual and counterfactual experience. It can prove very fatal for marketers. In recent times, there has been a huge shift in the shopping habits of people from traditional to online. People purchase almost every item online and consumer durables, encompassing white goods, brown goods and consumer electronics are no exception. Online purchases of consumer durables can be very convenient but it does not rule out the possibility of post purchase consumer regret. This can be disastrous for marketers. The present study makes a genuine attempt to study the concept of the aforementioned type of regret, its consequences, and regret regulation strategies for white goods, brown goods and consumer electronics. For serving the purpose of this study, required data has been collected from journals and reports. The present study will help in identifying the gaps in our current knowledge about the above type of regret, its consequences and regret regulation strategies. This will help the marketers to gain greater knowledge about the aforesaid subject which will ultimately help in their business(es).

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