Perceptions Of Teacher Education Students On The Needs And Priorities Of Learning English Language

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k. Kamala Devi, dr.Ar.Saravanakumar


The Success Of A Learner’s Learning Process Largely Depends On The Communication Skill Of The Teachers. The Ability To Explain The Concept Accurately To Facilitate The Learners To Visualize The Content Exactly And To Channelize That Thinking Process Constructively Are Associated To The Great Extent With The Language Proficiency Of The Teachers. Hence The Fluency And Accuracy Of Language Used Is Considered On Par With The Subject Mastery. The Objective Of Any Academic Programme Should Be The Fulfillment Of The Needs And Expectations Of The Learners. When It Comes To Acquiring Language Skills, It Is Mandatory For Every Future Teacher To Excel In The Use Of Language Which Will Be Instrumental In Transacting The Curriculum. With The Objectives Of Identifying The Present Needs Of Prospective Teachers In The Context Of English Language Learning And Usage And Prioritizing Those Needs From The Perspective Of Student Teachers, The Study Was Conducted. A Total Of 500 Student Teachers From Tamil Nadu Responded To The Survey Through The Tool Constructed By The Researchers. The Student Teachers Prioritized The Acquisition Of Employment Related Skills Like Facing Interview, Preparing Resumes And Filling Up Applications As The Most. They Are Followed By Academic Related Skills And Communication Skills. To Achieve Native Like Pronunciation And To Watch English Programmes / Movies / Shows Are The Least Considered Among The Items In The Priority List. ‘Speaking Fluent English, Writing Resumes And Applications For Jobs In English Properly And Gaining A Good Command Over English To Face Job Interviews” Are The Highest Felt Needs Of Student Teachers.

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