Modeling of Wind Turbine PMSG System Using DVR Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Voltage Sag and Swell Compensation

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Arvind Kumar Yadav, Dr. Imran Khan


Nowadays, many industries are using non-conventional energy sources to generate a huge amount of power/electricity, as these are non-pollutant. But connecting wind turbine to the power system or grid may lead to power quality issues such as voltage sag/swell, flicker, and harmonic and inter-harmonics.DVR is one of the CP devices used to mitigate voltage drop/raise .Sag is a more critical issue than swell. In this paper, sag and harmonic problems have been addressed. It demonstrates that how DVR injects voltage to compensate sags and reduces harmonics during fault. Here, the performance of DVR with PI controller, fuzzy controller, and hybrid fuzzy logic controller has been compared. The demonstration is done in MATLAB/Simulink.

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