Scientific Analysis Of Wicked Expressions In The Avesta

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Ra'no Urazova


This Article Provided An Extensive Analysis Of Lying's Images' Categorical Significance, The Leading Cause Of Evil. It Is Well Known That The Religious Thinking Of Humanity Began With Primitive Mythological Notions. Zoroastrianism Was Not An Exception. Zarathustra's Idea Of ​​An Extraordinary Revolutionary Monotheism For His Time Was Born Under |" Ahura Mazda's" Name. The Belief That "Ahura Mazda" Created The Whole Being Only From Goodness Is Zoroastrianism's Main Idea. However, Life Would Show At Every Step That This Idea Was An Imaginary Dream. This Article Is About Evil Forces Against The Same Utopian Good World. In The Avesta, The Images Of Evil Were Different, But Their Essence Was Explained As One. For This Reason, The Article Emphasizes That "Ahriman" Stood At The Head Of The Symbol Of Evil. The Fact That All Harmful Creatures Are Servants Of "Ahriman" Is Interpreted Based On The Avesta Examples. The Bipolar Interpretation Of Natural Phenomena In Both Good And Bad Avesta Is Noted As Zoroastrianism's Dualistic Essence.

         Lying In The Avesta Was Not A Moral-Philosophical Concept In Everyday Social Relations. He Is Even Superior To Ahriman Himself. Because Lying Embodies Countless All Kinds Of "Ahriman" Evil. The Article Proves That The Various Appearances Of This Same Lie Are The Appearances Of The "Ahriman" | Savages. For Example, The Giant's Concept As A Symbol Of Evil (The Avesta Daiva) Ranged From A Supernatural Fantasy Symbol To An Unbeliever Who Harmed Mazda Yasna's Religion And Community. The Article Informed That The Wolf (Wolf) Was A Four-Legged Evil, While The Evil Man Was Described As A Two-Legged Wolf. The Article Emphasized That The Human Factor Of The Believer Is The Basis Of The Development Of Society. His Steadfast Struggle Against All Forms Of Evil, His Steadfastness In The Faith, Was The Primary Condition For Preserving The Universe. The Deeds Of The Evil "Ahriman" Must Not Deceive Man. For Example, One Of "Ahriman's" Servants Was Portrayed As The Most Vicious Of The Deceitful Pair. "|Payrika" Stole The Mind Of A Believer, Distracted Him From Good Intentions. Sin Is Called To Action.

         The Article Described The Evils Against Every Element Of The Noble Beings Created By "Ahura Mazda" As Different Images Of "Ahriman." Indeed, The Author's Function Of Creation Was Unique To "Ahura Mazda," And All The Evils That Were The Manifestations Of "Ahriman" Did Not Create Phenomena But Were Scientifically Analyzed As Different Manifestations Of Single Evil Essence.


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