Digital Transformation: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Dr. Shavita Deshwal


Background: We need strong organizations. To achieve unprecedented progress we need the power of digital transformation. It has multiple advantages. It provides us actionable insights and touch points. The aim of the present study was to   review and analyze the publishing trend on digital transformation literature.

Method: A bibliometric analysis was performed, and data were retrieved from Web of Science. The relevant data was collected and 195 relevant records were imported on April 14, 2021. The data analysis was performed using various bibliometric software. It is valuable tool to explore the achievement, persistent growth in literature. It also aid to recognize the gaps in understanding of pattern.

 Results: USA has most publication and citation. It outperformed   in terms of corresponding authorship. There is successful alignment between the Sweden and Finland. Lulea University of Technology has strong dominance for releasing meaningful literature. The study provides a point of reference for scholar, grant providers and domain experts to revisit the literature and understand the frills to explore more in the area of digital transformation.

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