Comparative Evaluation of Mechanically Modified Heat Polymerized Acrylic Resin for Shear Bond Strength: An in vitro Study

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Sumit Singh Phukela, Kapil Soni, Jaiveer Yadav


Aims and objective: Debonding of denture teeth from a denture base is  a routine  problem in dental practice. The present study was conducted to comparatively evaluate shear   bond   strength of  crossslinked   Denture Teeth to  denture base  Resin with mechanical modifications 

Methodology :The test spamples  central incisors {11} were divided into 4 groups. Group 1: control, whereas group 2, group 3 and group 4 were experimental groups modified with half moon   shaped groove, Y shaped grooves and combination of half moon   shaped and Y grooves respectively. The teeth were arranged with the angulation of 130 degree on wax blocks.

These test specimens were prepared by -LUCITONE 199 heat cure resin. A shear load was applied at palatal surface of central incisor (11) using Universal Testing Machine until failure occurred

Results  : The lowest shear bond strength value was seen with the Group 1 specimens prepared by LUCITONE 199 and the highest shear  bond strength value was seen with the Group 4 specimens prepared with combination of half moon   shaped and Y grooves  packed with LUCITONE 199    

Conclusion Within the limitations of this study, it  can be concluded the specimens with combination  of half moon   shaped and Y grooves  packed with LUCITONE 199   

showed highest shear  bond strength value while the specimens without any mechanical preparation showed lowest shear  bond strength value.

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