Role of the New Media in Promoting Academic Research in Universities

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Prem Singh


Like other things the new media is also used in the field of education. It has changed the complete scenario of education from a primary school to a university level all over the world.  Due to new age and technology based media, it is not limited only to infotainment but it is a deep ocean of knowledge and provides the full opportunity to everyone to take all possible benefits of it. The new media is used at a large scale in universities and other research institutions by academicians and research scholars for their academic purpose for sharing information, views, ideas, knowledge and problems facing in the lab and field study. They are exposing new finding through new media and getting benefits of other’s research for enriching their knowledge. With the help of new media they are getting help, guidance and direction from remote area situated person. It is necessary to find out that, how the academic research is impacted by new media and what is role of it in the promotion of academic research. Followed the survey method the present study is discussed about it. This study will reveal that how the research scholar and academicians are using new media for their academic research, how they are using new media as secondary sources of the study, how the relationship between the scholar and supervisor is going to change due to new media and how the new media can be more helpful for them in the age digitalization.

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