Summoning astronomy and the celestial bodies in the poetry of Abu Al-Fateh Al-Busti (D. 400 AH)

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Asst. prof. Dr. Ali Abdul- Hussein Jubair


The phenomenon of summoning astronomy and the celestial bodies in the poetry of Abu Al-Fath Al-Busti is one of the most important features and stylistic characteristics that distinguished this Abbasid poet. As his poems were colored in dozens of expressions indicating astronomy and stars, as the poet mixed through it between the components of nature on the one hand, and what he finds of intertwining connotations that simulate the reality of the symbols these phenomena carry and movement, stability and decline on the other hand, until it seemed to be a source of beauty, brilliance and tenderness like the sun, or always associated with sadness and pain like the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse, while Jupiter and Saturn represented the symbols of doom and perpetual misfortune in the poet's mind, the same applies to the rest of the terms and functions, as they became a tributary of wealth, from which Abu Al-Fath Al-Busti was inspired by the poetic and intense image to express the purposes and intentions  that wandered in his consciousness and mind, which he wanted to communicate to audiences and readers alike.

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