Deep Learning in Students’ Performance Prediction

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S. Saranya, et al.


Many students endure increased tension and anxiety in the days leading up to and during their exams. Test anxiety, on the other hand, is more severe and can hinder learning and test performance. Exam anxiety is more than just apprehension prior to a test. A little exam anxiousness can escalate into crippling feelings of concern, dread, and panic for a student who suffers from test anxiety, which can have a poor impact on their performance. At any age, a student suffers from test anxiety. Test anxiety begins to rise in students in the second to fourth grades and continues to be a problem throughout the middle school yearsage and makes a huge impact on their performance. The anxiety is caused due to several things like timed examination, taking the test in a crowded classroom, and the fear of the unknown. The prediction of the student's performance can be highly beneficial for reducing student's anxiety for the examination. A Deep learning model that uses predictive analytics can be used for the prediction.

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