Research Findings on Impacts of Material Wastage of Building Construction Project

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Kidist Mengesha, et al.


All over the world, the development of construction related industries depend on the natural and artificial resources. The generation of wastes from the construction industries and its management is a big task for the proponents and stake holders of the industry. The quantity of waste generation from the construction industryis highly related to the construction methods, improper management, the onsite sorting and recycling abilities for construction waste, the levels of education and trainingsgiven to workers and the design concepts. The current research focuses to identify the contributory factors that influences the generation of construction material wastage.In addition, the study aims to deeply analyze the impact of construction material waste on cost at building construction project and recommends the strategies to minimize the construction material wastage. Data collection was done through questionnaire survey and interviews among the different stake holders in building construction (Clients, Consultants, Contractors and other Professionals) in Addis Ababa. Stratified Sampling technique was considered as a tool to opt for the Sites with regards to all the civil engineering professionals, stakeholders like contractors, consultants, and clients.The current study focuses in identifying and analyzing the major impacts of the construction material wastage at building construction site in Kolfe Keranio sub city, Addis Ababa. The outcome of the result would bring strong information to clients, consultants and contractors and other stakeholders in minimizing the overall cost due to material wastage.


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