Innovative and Ecological Approaches in Improving the Professional Competence of Teachers of Medical Education

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Majidova Gozal Dadajon Qizi, et al.


Professional skills of medical educators in the development of professional competence and its manifestation in innovative activities. The content of basic, special competencies in the process of professional and pedagogical training is given, the factors of development of medical pedagogical competence, integrative, innovative-creative approaches and creativity of the teacher's professional skills in the process of medical education are given. The modern medical-pedagogical specialist is given the mechanism of acquisition of innovations in the field of the professional activity, directions of the future development and ways of the solution of the existing problems, including medical-technological organization of education for training of experts of medical higher educational institutions. and management, effective forms of implementation of industrial education in medical higher education, active methods and modern tools are scientifically and methodologically substantiated.

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