Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education in India: Enquiry on Effective Teaching and Learning- Paradigm Shift from Classrooms to Computers.

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Dr. Venkat Ram Reddy Minampati, Ms. Neeti Chaudhari, Dr. D. Paul Sughandhar


The deadly outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19) presents a host of challenges for different sectors of society .Corona has not spared any sections societies, nations, rich or poor. To which, Nations responded in an ambivalent ways. They leisurely understood the transformational challenges it has thrown to the Governments and society, and towhat extent we are equipped to counter them. This paper would focus on implication on Teaching and Learning, especially the challenges the higher education institutions (HEI) faced during the pandemic period. The congregate settings of Indian universities are considered vulnerable to infection. At this juncture the government are left with no option than to declare lockdown entire nation and so-forth the HEI. With implausible virus (no treatment available), maintaining social distance in a populous country is out of thought. To overcome virus challenges, Indian universities with the Guidelines from Government of India (GoI) intensifiedonline teaching using available online platforms.Learning though massive open online courses (MOOCS), web based live streaming sessions and apps, alongside assignments and examinations. This paper enquires the quality and quantity of paradigm shift in HEI.

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