Estimating the Expansion of Urban Land Uses with the Hypothetical Impact of Economic Change Resulting from Assuming New Jobs in the City of Anna, Anbar Province, Iraq

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Hayfaa Abdulwahhab Saleh, Abdulnaser Sabri Shaher


Economy is the main driver of all the vital activities that civilized societies aspire to and the per capita income is a measure of the level of economic advancement of a particular country. Countries with a high per capita income are always those countries that have the potential to change their reality by adopting different methods of development while low income is a clear indication of poverty and lack of possibilities for development. In this research, a mathematical model was adopted that simulates the amount of expansion of urban land uses as a result of the availability of employment opportunities, the existence of which is reflected in the annual and cumulative per capita income.

Some indicators have been used that help to understand the nature of the expansion of urban land uses for the 2012-2020 time period.

Through the proposed model, it turns out that it is possible to make predictions about the future expansion of urban land uses when increasing employment opportunities by identifying changes in the annual per capita income rate and its direct and indirect impact on the expansion rates of land uses.

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