Women Police and Society: Addressing Gender Disparity towards Empowerment

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Sarmistha Bhaumik, Dr. Partha Pratim Sengupta, Dr. Bhupal Bhattacharya


All around the world, human being suffers manifold problems in the form of vulnerability and violence that directly impact their security, development and well-being in day-to-day life. Conflicts results in destructive consequences for everyone, but women and girls are the real victims.

Humankind seems to be on an ineluctable journey toward a proposition for human equity under statutory justice in conformity with the-objective-truth, which can be discovered. The human being is the only living species responsible to recognise and enjoy liberty in their respective society.

There is enormous cases of breakdown of law and order in almost all the societies targeting the most vulnerable gender i.e., women community. This increase in violence is the proof of the lack of strictness in the legal system. The system over commits and under delivers in addressing the grievous situation; and for which induction of women police in the legal administrative machinery is supported by all the sections of the researchers.

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