Issues of Agricultural Development in Manipur

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Dr. Thiyam Bharat Singh


The present article seeks to examine the problems of agricultural development in Manipur by using selective parameters–distribution of workers, area under cultivation, production of crops, land utilisation, land holdings, etc. It also attempts to address the long-term issues associated with the agriculture in Manipur. Findings of the study reveal that some major problems being faced by paddy growers are lack of irrigation water, poor infrastructures, high cost of inputs, lack of processing facilities, lack of credit facilities, delay in supply of improved rice varieties, scarcity of labour during peak periods, diversion of farmers from rice cultivation, involvement of middlemen and distress sales. Apart from this, general Strike, blockade and public curfew are regular phenomenaof the State and these are affecting the agricultural production in the State during Kharif season.The study suggested that the traditional based agriculture of Manipur can be transformed into a modern based agriculture by adopting science-based technology, making efficient pricing system within agriculture, providing economic incentives, prioritising agriculture, reducing general strikes and bandhs, utilising manpower optimally, making communication and disseminating knowledge among farmers, providing good infrastructural transport, making a congenial social institutions and financial inclusion. Modernisation of agriculture will accelerate the pace of economic development by enhancing economic growth and reduction of poverty. 

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