Understanding Model Driven Architecture: Framework and Tools

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Simmi Bagga, Dr. Anil Sharma


Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a technique that permits the developer to build application models that are platform independent. It allows the developers to build models of a project without the specific in-detail knowledge of applications to be involved and then combining those models to create the application. The main idea of MDA is to represent the business logic in the form of abstract models. These abstract models are mapped into different platforms by applying a set of transformation rules. The models are usually described by UML diagrams in a formalized manner, which can be used as input for tools that perform the transformation process.It defines a domain-specific language (DSL) to be used along with a platform-independent model (PIM). In this paper, the authors will discuss what is MDA, what models are used in it, what these models mean in terms of practical applications and also the common tools available in the market to implement MDA.

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