Teachers and Parents Influence on the Learning Motivation and Styles of Senior High School Students

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Marc Sylvester P. Garcia


Motivation is one of the most important factors for academic learning and achievement across childhood through adolescence, according to Elliot and Dweck, (2005). Using descriptive qualitative method, this study sought to establish information to determine the influence of teachers and parents on the learning motivation and styles of senior high school students in Siniloan Integrated National High School, the researcher used purposive random sampling and got 239 senior high school students as respondents.

It was found in this study that the teachers influence the students greater in terms of their learning styles and it was found that the senior high school students are aural or auditory learners. In view of the forgoing findings, it confirms that senior high school students from the under the TVL strand showed intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The study also stated that the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is significantly influenced by both the teachers and parent’s method of motivation and it was also depicted that some learning styles can be influenced by the parents and teachers in accordance to the method of motivation used. It was also concluded that solitary learning style is likely to influence a student’s academic performance because students that are intrapersonal tend to be more organized, focused and goal oriented in studying.

The researcher recommends that the parents and teachers continuously improve and use different methods of motivating students and to teach and allow the students to practice learning styles that would help the students to learn better and also encourage students to use solitary learning style or become intrapersonal learners to help them become successful in the future.

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