The emergence of the Concept of Cloud computing in the Field of HR management

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Dr. Avni Sharma, Mr. Prateek Jain


Human Resource Managers today cannot imagine life without the HRMS software (Human Resource Management System Software) to update employee databases and skype to take interviews of candidates in distant lands. Technology has penetrated so deep into almost every field that works without it seems almost impossible in the 21st century. There is the hype about yet another technological breakthrough that has the potential to turn the HR world upside down. Cloud technology is here and it is here to stay. Moving from a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to a Human Capital Management (HCM) technology and now more recently to the HRMS systems that most organizations today use, cloud technology is set to take organization and communication to a whole new level. The big question is whether this cloud technology is any better than the systems that already exist in organizations today and if it is, is it feasible?

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