Role of Women Working in Health Care Sectors During the Corona Period in Tamilnadu

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Mrs.P.BharathaGandhi, Dr.R.M.Meyyammai


In order to curb and suppress corona virus entire world administration, government and managements have been putting their ultimate effort and work effectively along with help and cooperation of the global citizens. Despite many more organs and sectors were played significant role in uprooting and annihilating corona virus from global soil ,the attitudes, working hours ,sincerity and dedications of the women in the global health sectors context and perceptions seems to be invincible and praiseworthy by all people. In global scenario and administrative gamut of health sectors women have been occupied numerous posting because hospital needs passionate, compassionate, sympathetic, merciful and consoling candidates, in this aspects women workers are seems to be suitable and apt for carry out all types of hospitals works. Corona have been threatening and intimating all people from ordinary citizens to army people, to ruling people, to control and contain all its drastic and dangerous impact on this society and people would not be forgiven and left out without firing corona and suppressing it. Though corona has been destroying entire people’s life and needs and necessities, its destructive impact on each one of us life has been so panic and fearful without an alternative ways and path to rectify its impact on social system. Regarding to this research styles , this study has been made by researcher  to know ,comprehend and understand about thoughtful and dedicative  duty and role of the women workers from sweepers to doctors are seems to be procurable and praiseworthy during the corona period..

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