Colour Temperature based Light Ambience Control Application for Mood using Arduino

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Dwij Oza, Himanshu Kapse


Normally, when a person moves from outdoor area     having bright light to an indoor area with light of not similar brightness, it affects mood and also rhythmic activities within body. This paper presents the possibility of keeping the Mood consistent by implementing the Arduino based system to control the Colour Temperature of working space as that of ambient light. Here we have used high sensitivity, IR blocking RGB sensor to acquire ambient light.  Colour Temperature thus obtained from RGB is sent through interfaced Arduino Nano controller. The range of 1000K to 10000K is considered for the study. These values are mapped for controlling pure white and warm white to glow LEDs similar to ambient light. General appearance of light is categorized in three forms viz. warm white, cool white and day light according to its varied Colour Temperature. The system was successfully implemented by varying Colour Temperature through different sources and mapped those values for glow of LEDs so as to maintain the light ambience.  When the indoor light ambience becomes same as that of outdoor ambient light it helps to keep mood consistent.

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