Performance improvement of the high-frequency regenerator for miniature pulse tube cryocooler

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Chetan O Yadav, Dr. P V Ramana


A Miniature pulse tube cryocooler (MPTC) is the first choice for electronic cooling in space technology. A Regenerator is one of the main elements in the miniature pulse tube cryocoolers and its performance directly affects the overall system performance. MPTC working at a very high frequency of 100 Hz has been studied with two different regenerator materials. The regenerator is optimized by using REGEN 3.3 software for a miniature pulse tube cryocooler operating with a hot end and cold end temperature of 300 K and 80 K respectively. The MPTC system produces a maximum coefficient of performance (COP) for a given heat load capacity at the optimized regenerator. The dimensions of the regenerator (diameter and length) were fixed for the cooling load of 1 W @ 80K. The result shows that the regenerator model with brass matrix material provides better COP than the regenerator model having stainless steel matrix material.

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