Smart Parking: A Parallel Parking System

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Hetul Suthar , Tirth Doshi , Hardik Mehta , Krutika Mehra


Attempting to reduce vehicle theft, as well as space consume in the parking system after increasing the population worldwide. The Smart Parking system is designed to make a secure and less space-consuming parking system. Smart Parking system achieved higher security as well as it consumes less space. In the Smart Parking system in place of horizontal concept, a vertical type of concept is used. Smart Parking uses a stepper motor for the up-down purpose and it gives better performance. Smart parking also uses switched reluctance motor for the rolling and angular movement. When a car arrives at the Smart Parking station, at the entrance digital security system will ask for the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card, it will permit to park a car in the parking building. In all parking slots, there is an Infrared (IR) module attached to the wall. This whole system will also work on renewable energy sources such as Solar PV system, Windmill. This whole system can work autonomously without any human

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