Ecosystem services of Indian Bael tree a "Sthalavriksha" of Tamil Nadu, India

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Parisutha Rajan, Minakshi Jain, Abdul Razak Mohamed


Trees are living monuments of nature, offering numerous ecological, socio-cultural, and religious services to the local communities. "Sthalavriksha," the sacred tree that is indigenous and prominent to every Dravidian Hindu temple. This research article provides a synopsis of Ecosystem services, termed as "Benefits that humanity receives from nature." Specifically, Indian Bael (Aegle marmelos) an important "Sthalavriksha" of temples in Kongunadu (three western districts) of Tamil Nadu State, India.  Literature review and local narratives from people reveal that it is imperative to conserve this sacred tree species to provide essentials to sustain life on this blue planet like clean air, water, soil fertility, and biodiversity for well-being.

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