Experimental Investigation Of Pressure Distribution Of Sharp Conical Nose of Missile At Subsonic Speed

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Balaji G, Naga Avinash Matta, Chendeti Chaitanya, T.Dinesh Venkat, R.Asokan


In this research efforts were put to understand the aerodynamic characteristics of medium-range Air-to-Air missiles and surface-to-air missiles. The major characteristics of a missile are its range and maneuverability. The different methods were available to understand the aerodynamic coefficients of the missile model using theoretical methods, wind tunnel testing, and computationalfluid dynamics. In our study, low-speed wind tunnel testing is considered to experiment on the scale down sharp cone missile models. The experiments were conducted on the sharp conical nose at different velocity range 5 m/s to 25 m/s and various angles of attack0° to 25° with the step of 5°in the wind tunnel test section. Pressure distribution over the sharp cone model was investigated at two different locations x/D =1 & 2 and results were plotted for different subsonic velocities and various angles of attack. All the experimental investigation has been performed at subsonic speed. Experimental results revealed that the coefficient of pressure distribution is uniformly varying at x/D=2  with an increase in velocity at different angles of attack and Pressure distribution decreases with an increase in the angle of attack and increase in velocity..

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