CACC-ComputerArchitectureforCombinatorics Computation

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Francis John Magallanes , Ralph Joshua Vasquez , John Matthew Vong, Dino Ligutan, Cesar Llorentee


Combinatoricshasbeenaroundformanyyears now and it has been utilized for multiple areas inmathematicssuchasprobabilityandstatistics.Thispaper aims to create a system that can computecertaincombinatoricsproblemsmainlyfocusingoncombination, permutation, and factorial problems. Thesystemimplementedisalsoequippedwithmultiplecomponentsthat would aid in the computation of theoutput which include the main components of the MIPSarchitectureaswellascomponentsthatareimplemented for the computation of the combinatoricsalgorithms such as multiplication and division unit. TheimplementedMIPSarchitecturealongwiththeDatapath and control units all work together to create asystem that may manipulate data and run an algorithmtoprovide a desirable output.

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