Rainforestation as an Instrument for Environmental Education: A Philippine Rural Community Experience

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Guiraldo C. Fernandez, Jr. , Marlito Jose M. Bande , Jett C. Quebec , Jimmy O. Pogosa


This study delves into  the development of Rainforestation into an instrument for Environmental Education. It utilizes the qualitative narrative research method to investigate the experiences of a people's organization in a rural community in Leyte, Philippines. This paper explores into the aspects of how Rainforestation has served as a tool to teach people to care for the natural environment. Moreover, this paper also looks into the challenges that the members of the people’s organization met in adopting and implementing the Rainforestation program. Finally, this study inquires into the things that Environmental Education has brought to the adopters' community through the years. This study then concludes that Rainforestation has become an instrument for Environmental Education because of the learning by doing principle. It concludes further that though many challenges have confronted the adopters in the process of Rainforestation adoption, said challenges had been overcome because of adopters' resolve that it was their only hope to address the gross exploitation of the environment. Lastly, this study concludes that Rainforestation has brought educational, environmental, and economic benefits to the members of the people’s organization.

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