Job satisfaction of unsung heroes: A generic interpretive inquiry study on Malaysian offshore catering employees

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Mohd Aliff Abdul Majid , Aliffaizi Arsat , Khairun Najihah Sabri, Muhammad Afnan Mahusain, Suriani Ismail


The number of employees working in the offshore industry is dwindling because the younger employees are less attracted to work in this industry as most of them prefer onshore jobs. Despite the extant research on job satisfaction in urban and hypothetical organizations, job satisfaction among offshore employees especially the catering section should be investigated to devise strategies in retaining existing employees. This study aims to explore job satisfaction among offshore catering employees in Malaysia. A generic interpretive inquiry study was conducted with 13 offshore catering employees. The data collected were analyzed using thematic analysis. According to the results, the 11 themes that were determined were relationship with co-workers, salary, fairness, teamwork, fringe benefit, ability utilization, the job itself, relationship with superior, equipment and facilities, expectation and achievement. The current study provided fresh insight on a better nomological understanding of job satisfaction among the employees working in offshore catering. In conclusion, the findings emphasized the importance of these aspects in maintaining and attracting employees.

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