Node MCU Based Landmine Detection Using Wireless Robot

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Mr.G.Karthy,N.Rahul Bharadwaj,M.Siva Reddy, K.Satish Kumar Reddy


Landmine detection is very important to find the metal object in the field area by placing the detector. This vehicle can be works with best performance in the field by hand to operate and also it is very safe, it is best for the replacement of human Detector in war field.Additionally the mines placed all over the land and it is identified by sending a mine detecting instrument, which may save the workers. During this work, the best point is to see the bomb location by use of the remote functioning component that had the sensors that will finds the presence of any bomb through ringer alert. Anyway it is controlled by a remote system, it is always need to be activated and might be controlled.

The component had a metal identifier at high accuracy to detect the metal items. It causation the bomb by using buzzer alarm. The Radio Frequency locator deals with 433MHz transmitter and beneficiary. During this framework we keep an eye on our project and an indicator that identifies the presence of any metal item (bomb) through ringer alert.

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