Experimental Investigations Of Pressure Distribution Of NACA0018 Airfoil With Triangular Vortex Generator

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Balaji G, Naveen Kumar K, Sunil Kumar A, Sai Kumar


An experimental investigation was made to study the influence of Vortex generators on the aerodynamic characteristics of the NACA 0018 is used in the design of aircraft wing and wind turbine blades.  In this paper, the co-efficient of pressure performance of NACA0018 profile blade used experimentallyinvestigated for improve the aerodynamics performance of Wind turbine and Aircraft wing, in presence of with and without Triangular Vortex Generator(TVG). It is located at 30 % of the chord in the wing in a spanwise direction.  Tests were made to find pressure distribution over the airfoils under various operating conditions and different angles of Attack from 0° to 25° with the step of 5°. The set of Triangular Vortex Generators (TVG) was arranged with uniform pitch and 15° tilted concerning freestream flow. Therefore, the Coefficient of pressure distribution is calculated for the different operating conditions, and results are plotted in the graph. It is observed that variation of pressure distribution is minimum at low angle of attache but huge variation in case of the higher angle of attack.

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