The Relatıonshıp Between Human Resource Practıces And Employee Effıcıency: The Medıatıng Role Of Job Satısfactıon Among Prıvate Hıgher Educatıon Instıtutes In Malaysıa

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Hemalata Alagan


In the previous literature, the topic of employee efficiency emerged as one of the major difficulties for the management of any firms. Private higher educational institutions in Malaysia must move outside of their comfort areas to examine new approaches of developing appropriate human resources practices. The main goal of the research is to study the relationship of human resources practices in private higher educational institutions in Malaysia on the efficiency of employees. This study also will focus on job satisfaction as mediating factor between human resource practices and employee efficiency. The present study will provide a foundation base for individuals or institutions that searching for the causes behind a poor efficiency among employees. In addition, this study also aimed at giving policy makers in Malaysian private higher education institutions essential advice to address the issue and to enhance staff efficiency in terms of human resource practices. A total of 203 questionnaires were administered in order to fulfil the aims of this study. The hypotheses were tested using the regression and process SPSS. In conclusion, the findings of the linear regression analysis show that all the factors under human resources practises are significant to the efficiency of employees. Furthermore, the result shows that the job satisfaction has the mediating effect between human resource practices and employee efficiency. The study will benefit the policymakers, human resource personnel and the private higher education institutes in Malaysia to overcome the employee efficiency issues.


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