A Review of Biodiesels used in Diesel engine

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Dharmendra Rajpoot, Rajesh Gupta


This review paper investigates the various biodiesels and oils application in CI engine. Since demand of petroleum based fossil fuel increasing day by day and storage is decreasing rapidly. Emissions from CI engine in form of CO, NOx, PM and smoke are major worry. To overcome these issue recent researches shows biodiesels are good alternative fuel for CI engine. Primary characteristics of biodiesels are renewable and biodegradable which attract many researchers. Jatropha biodiesel, fish oil biodiesel, waste cooking oil biodiesel, palm oil biodiesel, opium poppy oil biodiesel, and microalgae biodiesel have been studied. Jatropha biodiesel blend with turpentine was found to be the most suited biodiesel because of its higher efficiency and lower emissions when comparing with diesel.

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