Kruskal-Wallis Test Analyzed The Basic Security of Video Conferencing In India

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D.V.P.Noblin, K.Ravichandran


This study describes how video conferencing saves a person profits and time, reduces travel costs, and stimulates its participation everywhere. These Video conferencing is a technique for visual correspondence in which eye-to-eye and direct contact takes place without any traffic. It shows the behavioral development of social events, workshops, and instructional courses by exchanging these ongoing communications with the help of the website. Furthermore, it provides cost reduction and profitability and safe living for long-distance travelers and enables its service to run smoothly without any hindrance. With the development of this information technology, it has become very important for various activities such as online video conferences. At the same time, the method of video conferencing has been safely developed without giving place to online crimes. There is a huge gap between basic security and its impacts on society, and gaps need to be analyzed to improve the situation. Accordingly, when 243 samples were taken to explore the primary video conferencing type of security and explored through the Kruskel-Wallis test, various advantages emerged. This research method shows separate box plots regarding primary video conferencing security. Various companies are making HD video calls from their favorite gadgets that can be connected to the Internet from anywhere and run in minutes with safe operations explore its applications through this amazingly advanced cloud video conferencing.

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