Analysis of Technological and Physical-Mechanical Performance of Single-Line Knitwear Fabrics

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Vasila K. Kenjayeva , Risolat I. Sheraliyeva , Saodatjon Q. Abduraufova , Jamoliddin S. Ergashev , Kurbanali M. Xoliqov , Mashhura Q. Dadajonova


Futer fabric is very popular in the production of knitted textiles due to a number of positive features. This knitted fabric is characterized by high quality, long-term color retention and durability. The article analyzes the physical and mechanical properties of futer knitwear used for children's sportswear. The properties of knitted fabric, woven on the basis of a mixture of polyester, lycra and spun cotton yarn, features of adherence to children's sportswear and ways of improving other positive properties have been investigated.

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