A Study on Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Performance of Entrepreneurs in MSME Sectors

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Dr.M.N. Prabadevi , Marirajan Murugan


Emotional Intelligence boosts a person's social effectiveness, which is regarded one of the most significant aspects of entrepreneurship success. The higher one's emotional intelligence, the better one's social network, and hence the better one's commercial relationships. Individuals with high emotional intelligence can improve their ability to accurately perceive emotions (their own and others'), put emotions to better use (maximise their own performance and in various tasks), and successfully manage them (intimate relationships, in problem solving, decision making, expressing appropriate, controlling emotions). An entrepreneur is a type of economic agent who contributes significantly to a country's economic progress. The term "economic development" refers to a country's continual increase in income levels. This expansion is mostly dependent on its entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is a person who has the knowledge, skills, initiative, drive, and spirit of creativity to achieve his or her objectives. An entrepreneur is someone who seeks out and seizes possibilities for financial gain. Entrepreneurship is a dynamic activity that aids the entrepreneur in bringing improvements to the manufacturing process, innovation in production, new material uses, market creation, and so on. It's a mindset that anticipates danger and uncertainty in order to attain a specific goal. It also refers to doing something in a novel and efficient way. The primary goal of this study is to shed light on how specialised characteristics related to one's emotional stability and interactions with others affect entrepreneurial achievement in business. As a result, emotional intelligence is being used to help MSME entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu improve their performance. In Tamil Nadu, India, data was collected from 500 MSME entrepreneurs. The findings show that entrepreneurial emotions and social networking have a good relationship, with social networking being positively associated to performance.


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