Development of Portable device for Gesture based Communication for mute person

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Dr. Kaushika Patel , Parth Makwana


since many years the physically disabled people who are deaf are using sign language for communication. That’s is the principle resources for their communication. Sign language as a type of gestures which helps the dumb people to make communication like as normal people. Also Normal people in general around them face problem in communicating with these type of people. The propose system prototype is really helpful to this kind of people, that is capable of automatically recognizing the sign language for helping normal people to communicate more effectively with speech impaired people. In the country like India around 2.78% of people are not able to speak (dumb). In General the dumb people who know sign language for reaching others as communication language find exertion in communicating with majority of people who don’t understand the sign language as medium of communication. One novel thought is to make dumb person interact with others via their hand movement not by all signs. The mentioned and describing system will be more helpful to express their thoughts to others in more convenient way. This article describes a system that will help them to express their thoughts and willingness in most convenient way. The prototype will help those people by providing them a medium of communication that is more convenient.

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