Improvement of Voltage Stability in VSC-HVDC System with Wind Generator using FUZZY-PI Controller

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Bhoomi K. Patel , Dharita K. Patel , Arpita K. Patel


In power systems, various types of converters have different control strategies. and  they play a significant role in altering, transmitting, and refining the performance of high-voltage .In this paper, the application of Fuzzy-PI controller is proposed for mainly two systems i.e. Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and induction generator IG to improve the voltage stability of VSC-HVDC with the wind farm consisting Induction Generator with fixed speed and PMSG with variable speed which uses Fuzzy-PI Controller to Achieve Excellent Voltage stability of the system during Faulty condition to make system stable. Now to evaluate the capabilities of the Fuzzy-PI controller system, simulations and analysis are performed in MATLAB consisting of two wind farms which are connected to an infinite BUS.

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