Mixed influence of Elastic deformation and variation in Viscosity on the Ferrofluid based porous rough short bearing

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Dr. Mukesh E. Shimpi , Dr. Jimit R. Patel, Dr. G. M. Deheri


The elastic deformation effect has been investigated in a porous rough short bearing lubricated by a Ferrofluid considering variation in viscosity. Tipei’s pressure temperature expression is adopted to evaluate the impact of viscosity variation while the N-R’s model has been assumed for the magnetic fluid flow. The modified Reynolds type expression for the distribution of pressure has been derived as a function of elastic deformation, viscosity variation, porosity and aspect ratio parameters. Then the load's calculation has been done. The graphical representations of Load Carrying Capacity (LCC) have been analyzed here with respect to various bearing parameters. This study suggests that the LCC can be raised by aggregating magnetization, viscosity variation and aspect ratio parameters while the decrease takes place when elastic deformation and porosity parameters are increased..

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