State College Culture And Arts Program Implementation: A Basis For Program Enhancement And Policy Development

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Apolonia C. Sebello


Culture is vital in building a nation’s progress. Culture and Arts program are implemented to sustain the identity of the nation. In this study, implementation of the Culture and Arts Program at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences Technology is described and evaluated. The study was a descriptive-evaluative type of research with 139 respondents. Survey questionnaire, document analysis and testimonials are utilized to gather the necessary data for the study. Data were presented and analyzed using frequency count and weighted mean. Analyzed data revealed that, Culture and Arts program in BISCAST is under the Student Development Services and its implementation is extensive. However, despite the extensive implementation, culture and arts administrators encountered various problems and challenges especially on its funding and support. In the outcome of the culture and arts programs, projects and activities 29% students claim that engagement on the Culture and the Arts programs, projects, and activities enhanced their skills and talents. In addition, 4% claims they have gained some extra money in their engagement in the culture and the arts. Thus, program enhancement and policy recommendation are proposed to strengthen and sustain the implementation of the Culture and Arts program.

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