Factors Influencing Project Delay and Managing Project Performance among Libyan Construction Companies

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Nuseer Abdulhakem Hussyn Bazama, S. M. Ferdous Azam


The Libyan State spends much money from its annual budget in essential projects in favour of the projects of the Construction Companies and Infrastructure since these public projects are of great significance to the Libyan society to develop the so-called of urban boom whose contracts equal to more than 44 billion Libyan Dinars. Moreover, after reviewing the 2019 report of the Construction Companies and Infrastructure in the Libyan State from its official website via Internet, it has been found that the financial value of the contracts for projects until the end of 2012 was 44 billion Libyan Dinars. Likewise, there are many contracts in large financial amounts in all areas and basic facilities of the State, but large numbers of these contracts have been entirely or partially stopped, or the percentage of their achievement is, or the ministry has not spent any amounts on these contracts yet. Where the hypothesis says, there is a positive impact of the principles of PM on Project delay and managing project performance. The study community consists of all engineers and supervisors in the projects of the Libyan Construction Companies. Random and stratified sample approach is used to select the sample of this study. Three hundred fifty participants contributed to this study as a targeted sample. SPSS program version (20) is used to analyse the data collected. The returned forms are 310 forms only out of the 350 forms that are the ratio is 88.5% and lost 11.5 % from the distributed forms. This shows an excellent ratio in terms of statistical analysis. The study concluded that there is an interest from the project management in the Construction Companies to apply the Project Management in the different positive degrees of application. The highest level of the application the principle of PM is the variable of the focus on the customer while the variable of awareness and culture in the concept of PM is the lowest principle in terms of application. Furthermore, this study finds that this organisation has a high awareness of the obstacles of the application of the PM. These obstacles stand against of continues improvement. This organisation makes efforts to get rid of these obstacles to obtain customer satisfaction and community the study.

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