COVID–19 Pandemic: A Study Towards Access To Justice And Healthcare

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Ajay Kant Chaturvedi, Dr.Neetu Bharti


COVID - 19 pandemic has encompassed the entire universe and no limb or surface has remained unscathed by it. The healthcare facilities and infrastructure went into a toss and the pandemic spread its tentacles with hitherto unfathomed ferocity, indiscriminately on the high and mighty as well as meek and poor. The nations boasting of the best infrastructure in the healthcare and relative services were brought to their kneels. The consequent lockdowns inflicted unprecedented miseries on all and sundry especially the people belonging to the poor strata of society. The Pandemic presented a leadership challenge and the countries which provided a better leadership escaped the fury of the pandemic and economic pitfalls to a larger extent. The access to justice too suffered as everything including the courts were closed. The family values and relationships went for a complete spin and people abhorred the site of their kith and kin suffering from the disease and at times even a decent and dignified burial was denied. The migrant labourers were forced to literally beg on the streets for their survival and for ensuring two square meals for their families. The horrific scenes of the people returning to their native villages with small children in tow walking barefooted stirred even the most difficult of the souls. The study focuses on the various pitfalls on account of the pandemic especially on health care and access to justice in the Indian polity and seeks to conduct an efficiency audit thereof.

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