Strategic Entrepreneurship Development In SMEs Culinary Indonesia

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Pinpin Bhaktiar, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Idris Gautama So, Dr Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro


Strategic Entrepreneurship (SE) is a conceptualization with a very broad reach. This theme is a synthesis of SME and corporate business research, which has been a dichotomous two poles in various business researches. Various conceptual models were developed by business scientists, and various potential constructs were developed for the direction of their empirical research. This paper itself offers a model for the concept of strategic entrepreneurship based on SE determination, SE readiness, and SE implementation. In particular, this time, it focuses on the dimensions of business conditions, learning conditions, and networking conditions as potential dimensions for SE determination. Nine potential indicators were developed for the three existing dimensions to be observed in the context of culinary SMEs in Indonesia. Through a descriptive analysis approach on 198 SMEs culinary, it was found that the business conditions, learning conditions, and networking conditions of culinary SMEs in Indonesia were in good condition to be used as dimensions for the SE determination variable.

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