Partial Replacement of Bitumen with Molasses

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Adusumalli Manikanta, Dr. B Manoj


Bituminous cement is a composite material which comprises of mineral totals, bitumen as a cover and air voids. With the expansion in energy cost and necessity of bitumen and other petrol increments around the world, and furthermore the prerequisite of a superior nature of asphalts just as stress over the contamination. The bitumen discharges carbon dioxide when warmed, which is exceptionally unsafe to human wellbeing. We need to add some non-poisonous material into the bitumen folio to decrease contamination. In this way, elective folios are needed to adjust, halfway substitution or absolutely substitution of bitumen fastener. A particularly elective cover is Molasses. Molasses is a buildup of sugar stick acquired during the way toward assembling of sugar. This exploration is planned for fractional supplanting of bitumen cover with molasses.

The examination thinks about the after effects of regular bitumen and bitumen containing molasses utilizing research facility tests. The tests which we performed are – infiltration, pliability, mellowing point, Marshall soundness tests. We arranged examples having various rates of bitumen and various rates of molasses to track down the ideal rate. Level of bitumen (4%, 6% and 8%) and level of molasses by weight of bitumen (4%,8%,10%,12% and 16%).

The examination study reasons that the fractional supplanting of bitumen with molasses improves the Marshall attributes, and furthermore the strength and security increments at 6% bitumen content and 8% molasses content. Adjusted bitumen builds infiltration and mellowing point. The particular gravity stays as before however malleability diminishes. Arrival of carbon dioxide lessens as the measure of the bitumen diminishes. Generally, research reason that the ideal worth of altered bitumen is 8% which is plausible to incomplete supplant bitumen with molasses.


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