The Effect Of Progressive And Constant Training Loads On The Special Physical Conditions Of Football Players

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Suharjana1 Komarudin, Japhet Ndayisenga


There are still many football coaches who disagree to have weight training in competition season for fear of increasing physical elements on one side but resulting in a decrease in other elements, for example strength increases, but running speed does not increase or it can even decrease. The statement is actually not unreasonable if the weight training is done with the correct method. There is no empirical evidence that tests the method of progressive weight training and constant weight training on strength, running speed and muscular endurance. This study aims to analyze the differences in the effects of progressive weight training and constant weight training on muscle strength, running speed and muscle endurance of soccer players.

This type of research is experimental research, with the design "The Randomized Pretest-posttest Control Group Design". The sample of this study is the Yogyakarta State University football players aged 18-24 years. The studied variables were as follows: Independent variables included: 1) progressive weight training, 2) constant weight training, and 3) play training. Dependent variables: 1) muscle strength, 2) running speed, and 3) endurance of leg muscles. Data collection instruments used were: 1) the Leg Dynamometer to measure the leg muscle strength , 2) the running test to measure the running speed of the 50 Yard, was used, 3) To measure the leg muscle endurance, the Half Squat Test was used to find out the effects of exercise on muscle strength, speed, and endurance data were analyzed by t-test.

Meanwhile, to analyze the differences in the mean count due to the effect of weight training between the study groups, the data were analyzed using the analysis of variance (ANAVA) techniques. The results of this study concluded that: (1) weight training using progressive weight training methods and constant weight training methods that are provided for 8 weeks with a frequency of 3 times per week, with a load between 60 to 80% of maximum ability, with reps between 8 to 12 times per set can be done by soccer athletes during competition periods, because both methods can increase muscle strength, and can also increase explosive power, running speed and muscular endurance, (2) If the training period before entering the competition is relatively short, for example, only 3-4 months,

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