Aging Inmates: A New Challenge Of Management For Department Of Correction Of Thailand

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Kan Boonmee, Dr. Sunee Kanyajit, Dr. Suppakorn Poonyarith, Dr. Khemtida Petchtam, Natthapon Sokantat, Noppawan Unmarerng


Increasing of aging prison population, limit budget challenge Thailand to find out the best management for elderly prisoners. The study was conducted by in-depth interviews with experts in criminology, penology, psychology in Thailand’s Department of Corrections. It found that new prisons for elderly inmates was not need but separating areas or renovating old building in prisons with providing a ventilated and uncrowded space, installing assisted living can help to reduce huge cost of brand-new prison. Such reducing cost then can benefit to increase budget in medical treatment for aging inmates who have health problems.

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