Improved Power Quality Rectifier Using Control Technique

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Xavier Macwan, P. S. Modi


This paper presents improved power quality rectifier which provides improved power quality to load as compared to conventional diode bridge rectifiers and thyristor bridge rectifiers. In this paper problems like input current harmonics, output dc voltage with large ripple content, difficulty in regulating dc output voltage and low power factor are rectified by PWM rectifiers using LCL Filter and d-q control method. In this method power factor is improved by triggering the switches in such a way that input voltage and input current are in phase by implementing a phase locked loop (PLL). This paper also explores an important task of PWM rectifiers that is reactive power compensation function and hence it connects advantages of PWM rectifiers and reactive power compensation. The control system used in this paper is able to stabilize dc output voltage and also eliminates steady state error. Generation of gate pulses using sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) technique is shown and performance of PWM rectifiers and Total harmonic distortion(THD) on different types of loads are analyzed.

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