The Influence Of Work-Family Conflict, Interpersonal Conflict And Job Satisfaction Variables On The Turnover Intention Of Hospital Staffs In Purwokerto

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Chandra Warsito, Moh. Roqib, Nida Umi Farhah, Kholil Lur Rochman, Ahmad Suganda ,Siti Fatimah


Purpose of the study: This study attempts to analyzed the relationship between work-family conflict, interpersonal conflict and job satisfaction as mediating variables towards the turnover intention.

Methodology: Quantitative data were collected using direct and indirect sampling methods from all hospital staffs in Purwokerto. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and Sobel test of mediation were used for data analysis.

Main Findings: Results of this study show that work-family conflict and interpersonal conflict variables have positive effect on the turnover intention, however, negatively affecting on job satisfaction. Job satisfaction does not mediate work-family conflict variables towards the turnover intention, mediate interpersonal conflict on the turnover intention, and negatively affect the turnover intention of hospital staffs in Purwokerto.

Applications of this study: Hospital management should increase the job satisfaction of its staff in   order to reduce the resignation  intention.

Novelty/Originality of this study: Job satisfaction could be improved by giving guidance to employee in solving problem related to the work-family conflicts and interpersonal Conflict.

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