A Cytological Study Of Cervical Lesions At Warri Central Hospital In Delta State, Nigeria.

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Anibor Ese, Mabiaku Tagbire, Soeze Mary, Keneboh Goodness Nmesomma


Introduction: Cervical examination is a benchmark for the discovery of the cause of cervical abnormalities and the study of cervical diseases. This study is aimed at examining the various cervical lesions identified by the cytological examination of cervical tissue at the Central Hospital in Warri, Delta State.

Materials and Methods: In Pathology Department at Warri Central Hospital, eighty-one cases were evaluated by the cervical (pap) smear test with cytology. The age range for the female patients is between 18 and 71 years.

Results: The majority of the patients (21%) in the study population were between 36 and 41 years of age, 18.5% were between 42 and 47 years, and 11.1% were between 54 and 59 years. Patients in the 18-23 year age group were the least represented (2.1%). Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) 23(28.4%) and cervicitis 22 (27.2%) were the leading cervical pathologies diagnosed.  There was no significant relationship between age and cervical lesions diagnosed (p=0.492).

Conclusions: Cervical lesions showed higher occurrence rates of SCC as the widespread pathology in patients aged 36 to 41 years as well as those aged 66 to 71 years.

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