An Analytical Assessment of Female Genital Mutilation in Contemporary Nigeria

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OWOSENI, Joseph Sina , AGBANA, Richard Dele


Basically, as a result of her huge population and the most populous African nation, Nigeria has the most noteworthy outright number of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) around the world, representing around one-fourth of the assessed 116132 million circumcised women globally. The aim of this analytical review is mainly to establish the present status of the Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria. Relevant literature pertaining to FGM recovered from internet providers such as Google search, online journals, books, magazines, diaries and libraries. All these were chosen for implicit comprehension of the discourse. In Nigeria, the pervasiveness rate of Female Genital Mutilation among women is 43%. Proof proliferates that; statistically, the pervasiveness of the Female Genital Mutilation is drastically declining. The continuous drive and crusade to extirpate FGM is undertaken by bodies like United Nations, World Health Organization, International Children Emergency Fund, African Union and numerous women associations. Nonetheless, there is never any government law forbidding FGM in Nigeria. There is urgent need to annihilate Female Genital Mutilation Africa and specifically in Nigeria. Persistent education and training of the overall population at every level with accentuation on the risks and nuisance of the Female Genital Mutilation is foremost.

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