Temperamental Personality and Its Relationship to Self-Presentation among Students of The Kindergarten Department

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Asst. Inst. Yousra Hamid Nasser, Asst. Prof. Dr. Elham Fadel Abbas


The aim of the current research is to identify the temperamental personality and its relationship to self-presentation among the students of the kindergarten department, as well as to identify the self-presentation and the relationship between the temperamental personality and the self-presentation of the students of the kindergarten department.

As to achieve the goals of the current research, the researcher built a temperamental personality test based on Cattell’s theory and previous studies, as the test items in its final form reached (34) items, as for the Self Presentation Scale, the researcher adopted the (Al-Asimi, 2011) scale as the items of the scale in its final form reached (30) paragraphs, and the psychometric properties of the two scales were verified.

The two tools were applied to a sample of (400) students, who were selected by a random stratified method from students of the kindergarten department at my university (Baghdad and Al-Mustansiriyah) for the year (2020-2021) and in light of the objectives of the current research, the following results were reached:

1-The research sample is characterized by temperamental personality.

2-The research sample has an average presentation.

3-There is no relationship between mood or temperamental personality and self-presentation.

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