Rewards Of Non-Monetary On Workplace And Happiness Among Workers Of Chennai City

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B. Nalini, S. Vennilaa Shree


Now a days the new gen employees focus for well organised, incentive of  non-monetary from their working place where they work.  In later days the reward of monetary was the only option to encourage and retain the workers.  The reward of finance and encouragement should attract and assit knowledge to the organizations, the compensation of non-monetary assists to retain workers in the longer period of work. This study focuses on some noteworthy non-monetary rewards that satisfies and engage the workforce. These rewards help to attract the top talents and retain them in the organisation. It keeps the  employees  happy,  satisfied  and  secured.  The  study  reveals  that  Flexible  working  hours,  Personal  development, Creativity,  Autonomy at  work,  Workplace  amenities, Retirement and  health  benefits, Good  interpersonal relationship, Recognition and appreciation positively impact job satisfaction in the workplace

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